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Punith’s Tragedy:

Punith a 10-year old boy, studying in the 6th standard, is affected by HIV. His mother, Sidhavah was a Devadasi, and she was an adopted child to his grandmother who was also a Devadasi. In 2004, Punith's mother passed away due to HIV, when he was only 2 years old. After his mother's death, his grandmother took care of him. Punith has a sister called Muthavah and unfortunately she got married when she was only a small child studying in 3rd standard. Couple of years ago she went to her husband's house after attaining puberty. Now Muthavah is 19 years old, and has a 9-monhth old baby boy. Besides taking care of her baby, she also looks after her brother Punith because their grand-mother died about 8 months back. Since there was nobody to care for Punith after his grand-mother's death, his sister Muthavah had taken up the responsibility of giving him shelter in her house. But she was finding it difficult to make both ends meet since her husband works as a coolie, earning a meager income. It is heart-rending to know that Punith is HIV positive, and a victim of circumstance and culture. His life is precious in God's sight. At this juncture, KEA intervened and made a difference in Punith's life by giving him loving care and also providing nutrition supplements in the form of monthly provision.


Priyanka is a 19 year old girl who is now doing her 2 year in General Nursing. She was taken into KEA Child development programme when she was studying in Nursery. She hails from a Hindu back ground. Her father worked as a labourer, and her mother is a home-maker. She has three sisters. Later, her father deserted them. Priyanka's mother was forced to go to work as housemaid. Priyanka and her sister were supported by the KEA project in the ir educational needs such as school fees, note books, shoes, uniform, supportive tuitions, and medical assistance. Priyanka by birth was a sickly child and had to take regular medication. It was totally taken care of by the project. She took the medication till she was 15 years old. Priyanka did well in studies and completed her 12 grade. Her mother was motivated to send Priyanka for nursing. Income Generation Program was given to Priyanka's family for their livelihood. This helped them a great deal. Priyanka is getting groomed to be a committed nurse.

Jayasudha :

Jayasudha's ambition is to become an Engineer. She shared her ambition with her parents but due to poverty and many other family problems her parents could not afford a huge amount for her higher studies. She therefore approached our Child Development Centre at Bannerghatta. Jayasudha was registered in the project when she was studying in 1 grade in the year 2002. Jayasudha's father Mr. Shivanna is the owner of a Petty shop and mother Parvathi is a housewife. She has an elder brother. Jayasudha is a very intelligent and active girl, who studies very well. She completed her schooling in Shantiniketan School, she passed 10 grade in first class (70%) and for further education she joined Loyola Composite Pre University College and completed her 2 PUC in first class and (72%). Jayasudha is also an excellent dancer. She is also good at sports; she has won in Kho-kho (Divisionlevel), but unfortunately she was not able to participate in the national level kho-kho due to certain unavoidable circumstance. Her lifetime ambition is to become an Engineer, so she was more focused on her goal. In May 2014, the Child Development Centre had conducted school supplies distribution program. Mr. Ramanath Rai,, Manager-Vijaya Bank and Mr. Narendra Babu, Police Inspector were the guests for the program. During this programme, our Project Coordinator Mr. Ruben presented the academic performance report of the project children. Looking at the performance of our children, the Bank Manager assured that he would help the needy children by giving education loans for their higher studies. Next day, along with Jayasudha's parents, our Project Coordinator Mr. Ruben approached the Bank Manager for loan. After thorough verification, a loan of Rs.4,00,000/- was sanctioned.

Mahadevi’s Story:

Mahadevi was born in a poor family as the last girl child. She had one elder brother and two elder sisters. The elder brother died at a very early age (so her parents desired to have male children). But unfortunately they had three girl children. In order to have a male child in the family, they dedicated Mahadevi to Yellamma cult as devadasi when she was young but they never got any children afterwards. The older two sisters were married. When Mahadevi attained puberty, she was informed that she was already dedicated to Yellamma as devadasi which was against her wish. The other reason was that, since the two older girls were married, the parents thought that if she becomes a devadasi she will earn money and take care of them in their old age. Thus Mahadevi was initiated into devadasi system after her puberty and she was pushed into prostitution by her own parents. The prostitution happened in her own home. As a result of this, she gave birth to 4 children (Sadhashiv 14 yrs, Sydhu 12 yrs, Kendrika 9 yrs and Lathesh- 6 yrs) and later discovered that she was HIV positive. Two of her children Sadhashiv and Sydhu were also HIV positive. When Sadhashiv was two years, he became a mentally challenged child. It added more misery to Mahadevi. Now Mahadevi takes care of her parents and also four of her children and she sends the other three children to school. Mahadevi has stopped involving herself in flesh trade. She works in the construction site as helper and earns a daily wage of Rs. 100/-. Due to her ill-health, she is unable to go for work some days. On hearing a few words of kindness she broke down and with tears said “I am a victim of circumstances. The care and help given by KEA has touched me. The nutrition supplements in the form of monthly provision keeps me and my children from starving.” There are many such Mahadevis silently crying in North Karnataka

Vasanth Kumar:

VasanthKumar's father Krishnappa is an Auto driver. His mother Gangamma is a housewife. He has an elder brother. Vasanth Kumar comes from a Hindu background. His family is economically backward. When he was in 3 standards, he joined the Child Development Centre Jalahalli. He says that God has helped him in his studies. He is now doing his 2 year diploma in Mechanical Engineering and is studying well, by the grace of God.


Malini is a 20 year old girl and now she is doing her final year engineering in Computer Science. Malini's father Jairaj is a tailor. Her mother Manjula works as an office assistant. Malini was registered in the Child Development Centre at Siddapura in the year 1998 when she was studying in Nursery class. Malini has a younger brother who is studying in 9th grade. Malini was born and brought up in a Christian family. Her mother struggled very hard to get the children educated. She was doing well in studies and in 2nd PUC she was over confident and failed in Mathematics. This disappointed her greatly. She was very depressed and lost all hope. After sometime she started to pray sincerely to God and trusted in the Lord. She had a dream to do engineering. Through the support of KEA, now she is doing her final year in Engineering.

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